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 Reward Scheme

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Reward Scheme Empty
PostSubject: Reward Scheme   Reward Scheme EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 4:46 am


You may deserve to be rewarded check here We like to treat our members for helping us in some sort of way!

100 - 1000 Credits
200,300,400- 500 Credits
500- Free Personal Smiley
600,700,800,900- 1000 Credits
1000- Free Personal Rank Name & Image
2000,3000,4000- 2000 Credits
5000- 1 Month Free Gold Membership
6000,7000,8000,9000- 5000 Credits
10000- 6 Months Free Gold Membership
15000,20000,25000,30000,35000,40000,45000-10000 Credits, Magic Box and Personal Group.
50000- Trainnee Modership.
60000,70000,80000,90000- 20000 Credits
100000- Adminship!

Affiliating-(Based on amount of members affiliated)
1- 100 Credits
5- 200 Credits
10-500 Credits
20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90- 1000 Credits
100- Affiliater Rank, Personal Smiley.

Reporting-(Based on reports that where true or something that was worth looking into)
1-100 Credits
5-200 Credits
10- 500 Credits
20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90- 1000 Credits
100- Modership.

Suggesting(Based on amount of suggestions)
1-100 Credits
5-200 Credits
10-500 Credits
20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90- 1000 Credits
100- Modership possibly Adminship(If over 50 where accepted you get Adminship)

$1- 1000 Credits, Donator Rank and part of donator group.
$5- 5000 Credits, access to donator only forum. Personal smiley.
$10- 10000 Credits, 2 months of free gold membership.
Anything more then we will decide a special reward for you.

To claim just reply with this form
Type:(Posting, affiliating, donating ect)

We will then look into your case and see if your telling the truth.

Life Forums Team

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Reward Scheme
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