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 Main Forum Rules

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Main Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: Main Forum Rules   Main Forum Rules EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 9:41 am

1. Spamming
Do not spam unless stated you can spam in the topic. Spamming can end up in a warning!
Examples: "Very Happy:D:D:D:D" "DA RULES IS YOU YOU DA RULES"

2. Double Posting
Do not double post unless you really need to or you have admins permission, instead you should edit your current post. You can double post after 24 hours of your last post, this may be different in other sections! Double posting can end up with a warning!

3. Hacking
Hacking is 100% no no don't hack any accounts, don't give hacking programs, don't hack in anyway at all! It will event in permanent ban and ip ban plus email ban!

4. Swearing
Don't swear in a topic unless its marked [Contains Swearing] or [Swearing Allowed] or you will get a warning! Do not create a topic with swearing unless marked [Contains Swearing] or [Swearing Allowed] or you will get a warning!

5. Illegal Content
Do not post illegal content it will result in permanent ban and ip ban plus email ban! Don't post anything that breaks any laws!

6. Fairness
Be fair to other users!

7. Respect
Don't treat users with disrespect or you'll get a warning!

8. Flaming
Don't start a flaming war, arguing dosen't help annoyone! You will get a warning if you flame!

9. Racism
We don't tolerate racism you will get a straight away ban for 24 hours!

10. One Word Posts
Don't post one word posts like ":d" or "Thanks" or "BANG!" its just a waste of a post! You will get a warning for one word posting!

Thanks For Reading
More Rules Coming Soon

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Main Forum Rules
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