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 [Banks] Set Up Your Own Forum Bank Here

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[Banks] Set Up Your Own Forum Bank Here Empty
PostSubject: [Banks] Set Up Your Own Forum Bank Here   [Banks] Set Up Your Own Forum Bank Here EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 8:59 am


If you want the chance to get lots of credits then you can always set up your own forum bank! Isn't that great!

It will cost you $1 set up fee for your bank!

Loans are where people will loan credits from you and you can set the intrest rate for them. So Bob could ask for 1000 credits and you could offer him 10% intrest rates and he would have to pay you 1100 credits in the next however many days you set or the intrest rate will increase by another _%.

1) You request a bank with the following request form:
Bank Name:
If yes, intrest rates: %
Other Features: Other things you would like your bank to have?

2) We will review and accept/decline your request.

3)If we accept you must donate 1$ to the forum.

4)Then we will make a forum for your bank with full moderation permissions for you. Note: If you make a global announcement your bank will be closed and you will get a warning.

5)We also make a topic and use the general bank templates and we'll add things like intrest rate at _% so you can edit it.

6) You edit the topics we made to your liking.

7) You announce your bank open!

8.) You hire staff to help you with your bank and you must pay them credits.

9)You and your team handle your bank.

10)We take frauds seriously so don't try and do anything sneaky.

Life Forums Team
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[Banks] Set Up Your Own Forum Bank Here
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