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 Welcome To The RBL(Royal Bank Of Life)

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Welcome To The RBL(Royal Bank Of Life) Empty
PostSubject: Welcome To The RBL(Royal Bank Of Life)   Welcome To The RBL(Royal Bank Of Life) EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 10:56 am

Hello Guest,

Welcome to the royal bank of life, the first and best bank at life forums. We where created on 7 August 2010 18.00 GMT. We gurantee to beat all other banks! With our fantastic interest rates and shares. We are the only bank with legal shares, all other banks are not allowed shares unless first going under serious discussion with me about shares. We offer so many other services too!

Your Gold is in your control at RBL, we offer Life Forums Banking Security 10.1 the best forum banking security system around with back ups to all your accounts for cases of hacking and so on, your gold is never lost.

You can get 2% more Gold if your put your gold in one of our V.I.P or Gold Banking. 1% More in all lower banking.

We also offer a brilliant loaning service with a great interest rate, find out more further down. If you use our gold banking you get 1% of interest rates! RBL lets you loan more than any other bank!

You can buy shares of our bank too! 10% Of RBL for a great price. You can be a very rich person on the forum if you buy shares in the biggest bank on life forums!

Gold Banking: For only 2$ get 2% more gold for putting your money in one of our accounts and interest rates are 2% lower for you!

V.I.P Banking: For only 1$ get 2% more gold for putting your money in one of our accounts!

Free Banking: Great interest rates and get 1% more gold for putting your money in one of our accounts!

If you want banking please use this order form:
Order Form
Pin: (What pin you want)

Then you will be given a Account Number.
You need pins so people can't use your account, any account can use your money if they know your Acocunt Number. This is so familyscan share one account!

5% Interest Rate*

Minimun Loan: 20 Gold
Maximun Loan: 10,000 Gold
*May be subject to change

You must pay back within 2 months or your interest rates will increase.

Please PM Admin with this form.
Order Form
Account Number:


Price: 1$*
You Get: 10% Of The Bank
In: Forum Gold.

We keep track of how much forum gold we get at RBL so you can have shares!

You must have a account with RBL to buy shares.
Please PM Admin with the following data:
Order Form
Account Number:

*May be subject to change

Thanks for using our bank!

Steven Kippax
Owner Of RBL.
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Welcome To The RBL(Royal Bank Of Life)
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